When I was 20 years old, I began my love affair with writing my own rules, bringing big ideas to life, capturing people’s attention and making a difference. It was only later that I learned this was actually branding and marketing.

Even at 20 years old, I wasn’t convinced I had to do what everyone else was doing. I was convinced if I had an idea – it was possible. So without a marketing degree, equipped with some passion, instincts, and a lot of naivety; I was able to convince the local radio station to sponsor an event I created to introduce my band to the world. I attached a cause to it (before Tom’s Shoes was even a thing) and found myself on the morning show playing a song live to tens of thousands of listeners to promote the upcoming concert supporting the United Way. Somehow I had taken something that mattered to me and made it matter to others. That event was the catalyst for the next decade or so of my life where I immersed myself in learning design, branding, and marketing; and had the opportunity to be a practitioner of it on staff in some great organizations.

The campaigns that I was responsible were raising millions of dollars for great causes, and the marketing was reaching millions of people. I had gone from accidental – to professional. Now I spend my days running a boutique brand positioning agency, Circle Fifty Creative. And much like the 20-year-old me; many of my clients didn’t start in ministry or business with expertise in branding and marketing. So my team and I equip the accidental branding and marketing community to make their purpose matter with the right message, visuals, and marketing and fight for brilliance in all areas of their brand.

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Resources, books and tools to help you apply expert-level tips to your everyday branding and marketing.

Since 2012, my team and I have been working with organizations all over the Country that are driven by a great purpose. We’ve helped them find their untold brilliance and make their purpose matter to their audience. Here’s a brief look at what solve for our clients.

Brand Messaging

We make your message clear by aligning your staff and audience around a consistent and simple brand message that commands attention on all platforms.

Brand Identities

We create brand identities that get your brand noticed and engage people at first glance on your website, social media and marketing materials.

Marketing Stategy

We boost engagement and strengthen your brand position with our campaign strategies, design, and communications.

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